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Job Description: Residential Exterior Contractor Services

Power washed and painted wrap around deck, stairs, and cast iron railing.

It took a while to get out to do the job, but when you hire someone who is good, you can expect him to be popular. The owner's son came out and power washed the deck and stairs and then they both came out and painted all of it, The job was beautiful and there was no mess left behind. It's nice to know there are still people who care about what they do. I recommend them highly. ~ George Espe.

Job Description: Residential Exterior Painting\Interior Painting

Exterior Paint on single story triplex with several high walls; made a few minor repairs. Some interior painting of accent walls.

Skilled, efficient, timely, neat, and easy to work with. Offered good advice on paint colors and quality. Good price, good work. Went the extra mile to do needed repairs to exterior. Came in on time and on budget. ~ Carol Doolittle.

Job Description: Residential Exterior Painting

Complete exterior repainting of 90 year old historic stucco home. Needed extensive preparation and color was changed. Two story home was painted improperly previously and lost a great deal of old paint in the preparation. Work was coordinated with other maintenance contractors (e.g. new screen door; stucco repair, yard services).

Paul Newton gave us a bid to repaint our home late last summer, at a point in time when his seasonal schedule was already full. Knowing that we waited until this May to have the job done. We communicated several times before the work began, coordinating the schedule so as to allow other contractors to complete their work before the painting began. The actual preparation done by Paul and his team was excellent but uncovered much more damage from poorly done past painting jobs than was anticipated. There was a huge amount of paint debris, at least double what was expected. Because of this there was much more to patch and fill in the job and the prep took a long time. The actual painting went very fast once started. We completely changed the color from white to Tuscan gold with dark red rather than blue doors. Paul was in constant communication with us over any minor issue or decision. He never assumed he knew what we wanted and always asked our opinion. He also pointed out potential issues that might result from our decisions, like windows that might be painted shut if not opened immediately and French doors that might stick if one hidden section of the door was repainted. The final result was a beautifully enhanced residence, expertly prepared and painted by a very competent team of workers. The grounds and plants were thoroughly cleaned and undamaged when it was done. We've received many compliments on the work. Paul also got comments of "good job" from passing cars. The only negative was the fact that it ended up costing more than anticipated but this was because the prep took so long because of previous poor paint jobs. Paul didn't cut any corners in the prep and we are confident that this paint will last a long time. He came by to talk about adjusting the payment originally agreed upon and clearly explained how much more work was involved. He then left it in our hands to decide how much more we would pay. He was thoroughly surprised when we gave him the full amount, adding $2000 to the original bid. But we really felt the work was worth it. We later hired him again to repaint a single story duplex we also own. We were equally happy with that job and it came in on time and on budget with no surprises. We plan to have him do some interior work next and will call on him for any future painting needs. We recommend him highly to anyone needing his services. You will be lucky to have him. ~ Gail Ryder.

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