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Helpful Painting Tips

We could be like every other paint contractor site on the web and provide a bunch of tips for the do-it-yourselfers. But why rewrite what has been written a hundred times.

Below are links to several sites that offer good do-it-yourself how to advice for painting. Some of the tips we agree with and others not so much. But all in all they are good guidelines for painting on your own. Besides, if we gave you our trade secrets...we wouldn't be the experts anymore. (wink wink) Of course, our number one tip regarding interior or exterior painting is to hire a professional, hire Newton Painting and Property Maintenance.

Painting "How To" for DIYers

DIY Netowrk Painting 101

This Old House advice on painting

Ask Sherwin-Williams

Newton is an expert in color consultation and is happy to provide this service. For those that like a little more than using your imagination, here are some cool sites where you can experiment with colors without actually putting the paint on the wall.

Plan Ahead

If you do decide to hire Newton or another paint contractor, here are some tips to prepare for the big day. First off, plan ahead. Here in the NW we have a short exterior season. Get your bid early and book your contractor far in advance. Popular painters are sometimes booked a year or more in advance which such a short season. For interior paint jobs, plan to book those in the winter when you can take advantage of the slower season and winter rates. We do book interiors in the summer, but it is great if the customer is flexible with the schedule so we can take advantage of rain days and squeeze in interior jobs between exteriors. If you are planning exterior painting and want to do landscape work, please wait until your house is finished being painted. Although we take precautions and are careful fragile flowerbeds do not fare well under pressure washing and painting conditions.

Prep Work

The key to a good paint job whether interior or exterior is the prep work. Every paint expert agrees on this. Newton is extremely through during this process. Not only does it create better conditions for the paint application but it cuts down on clean-up afterwards. You can save money on the job from doing much of the smaller preparation tasks yourself. Paint bids are usually prepared using time and material method and not a flat rate. By doing some of the prep work yourself you can save money by cutting down on the amount of prep time it takes to prepare the room or exterior. If you are not able to move furniture or clear the room, we are happy to do this for you. We just want to give you the opportunity to cut down the cost of preparation.

Interior Paint Preparation

We factor in a modest amount of prep time for normal routine preparation. Customers who have not prepared the room at all in advance for the painters may have additional time added to the quote due to the extra amount of time it took to perform this extra prep work. Prepare your room in advance of the contractor arrival by removing valuable breakables and knickknacks from shelves, end tables, etc. Remove pictures, mirrors, and other wall hangings. Remove drapery, curtains, blinds from windows. If there is furniture or appliances in the room, move them towards the center of the room and cover them with an old sheet or something you don't mind getting splattered. We are careful when applying paint but it is better to be safe. If you are not able to move furniture to the center of the room, try to move them at least two feet away from the walls. Again, we are happy to help with heavy lifting if you do not have assistance with this task. If you want to go the extra mile you can remove all light switches, plug covers, and hardware for drapes. You may want to soak the light switches and plug covers in plain water and dishwashing soap while we are painting, so we can wipe them clean before putting them back on. Remember to keep the screws in a safe place like a ziplock sandwich bag or small Tupperware container. Again, we perform this service during our prep work but if you do this before we arrive it can cut down on prep time and we can start prepping the room and walls for the application of paint.

Exterior Paint Preparation

We factor in preparation time for exterior jobs based on each job's environment and surroundings. In order to prep for exterior painting we pressure wash and scrape old paint. This can be a little messy. Remove or cover all outside furniture, bbqs, potted plants, or yard decorations that are placed close to the house. Remove any exterior decorations that might be hanging on or nailed to the house. Bushes should at all times be trimmed away from the house so they don't brush against the paint causing wear and tear. Trim bushes back at least two feet if possible. If it is impossible to trim your bushes back two feet we can tie and pull them away, and cover them during the pressure wash and painting process. If you plan on doing landscape work or planting new flowers, wait until after the house is painted. Many people excited to get their exteriors "curb ready" plant beautiful flowerbeds close to the edge of their house. Fragile flowers do not fair well under pressure washing and painting conditions. We will do our best to protect existing flowerbeds we want to forewarn you that all the time, effort, and love in planting new flowerbeds should wait until after your house is painted.

If you have suggestions for tips you would like to see here, please let us know by using our contact form.

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