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When you want a job done right, you hire an expert. Paul Newton of Newton Painting & Property Maintenance. Newton has provided quality interior/exterior, residential and commercial painting services all over the Willamette valley area and beyond for over 30 years. Other painting contractors use students and inexperienced labor to cut down on overhead. Newton Painting & Property Maintenance is a small, local, family-owned & operated.Painter with a paint brush Owner Paul Newton is on site for every job and only uses experienced painters. Don't let our size fool you. Newton can do it all big and small. From apartment complexes, historical landmarks, commercial businesses, and of course residential work. We can handle your painting requirements no matter what they are: painting over wallpaper, wallpaper application and removal, sheetrock work and texturing, and any general handyman needs you may have in the Salem area. See our Services page.


As a customer you want the highest quality work possible. That means you want the paint applied properly under the proper conditions whether interior or exterior so the paint will last. You want the job performed by a skilled paint contractor knowledgeable about conditions, less experienced painters may miss. An expert eye that can spot various trouble areas to look for and how to repair or correct them before the work is done to prevent costly fixes later, whether residential or commercial work. You want someone who has years of experience working with different brands of paint and knows what paint works under which conditions to save you money.


For most people, your home or business is your most costly investment. Painting is an expense that beautifies and protects your investment. You work hard for your money just like we do. You want your dollar spent wisely and the work to last. Don't sacrifice quality for affordability. You could use the most expensive paint by the biggest company and the highest contract bid but that doesn't guarantee the work will be high quality and last for years. Using inexperienced painters to save money, can end up being costly by having to do corrective work or having to paint again sooner than you should. Let Newton Painting do the work and get it done right the first time affordably.

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